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'16 December
Ho Ho Ho!
'16 November
I do have a floor...and a bed...
'16 October
'16 September
The coming-together of the house (I hope!).
'16 August
Deep into summer fun.
'16 July
Let's see some progress around here!
'16 late May-some June
'16 March
Getting ready for a big travel spring and the start of Home Improvement season.
'16 February
Home all month with mostly just this and that.
'16 January
Happy New Year! No travel plans settled yet except Sharon's generous invitation to visit Kauai in April. That's my goal for January - to work out 2016!

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December 9

The guys did, from what I can tell...a great job, CONGRATS. There was a third guy too who did the window ledge and it looks so fine.

The faucet isn't install but the guys wedged it in for photos.

What a yummy sink.

This is the stove-side. The stove-side really does need a stove and a hood.

And knobs and pulls. I am SO HAPPPY that I'm not freaked out with buyer's remorse.
Kaitlin Lilly
December 8

Thanks Angela for these adorable photos - from a couple of Santa neighborhood visits.

I was all set to Not get the backsplash tomorrow along with the counter and now I Am going to get the backsplash. It's a backsplash roller-coaster ride around here!


December 7

Sweet day today with the girls including a school outing to a pizza place mightily enjoyed by one and all.

From Cynthia: she and Mike and Kieran went to Mike's mom-and-her-husband's wonderful old farmhouse home in the wilds of the Minnesota countryside for the Thanksgiving after-weekend.

They had a great time, and here's Ken in His Chair. Phyllis wrote that "Scott and Cheri ((Scott is Mike's brother))weren't able to come. They got a lot of snow a few days ago, and had to move cows."

I'm so happy that I get to know Phyllis and Ken, they are beautiful people, and that I get to know people who can say that Scott and Cheri couldn't come because they had to move cows.


December 6

I had two rather unproductive days although I did try, but it seems not my best effort since very little got done. One of my stops - Liz's Antique Hardware on La Brea. Tons, literally, of antique hardware, but none for me.

Oh great, and now the counters are delayed a few days and the backsplash is delayed a few weeks. Sure, there are reasons, there are always reasons...

internet pic.

December 4

Oh Alex, how it is always something. I'm bringing the garbage cans in from the alley now because my neighbors are too tempted by the easy access and fill up my cans within two days after a pickup.

So it was Alex's idea to put that little lattice fence by the washing machines and hide the cans. Good thinking Alex! Good building Alex!

The little back studio/extra bedroom/work space is 80% finished with what's on my current list. As if lists are ever finished.

The fence! I think I showed a picture of the fence before but now there is also a pad of the old pavers behind Olivia's place for bike parking. More nice, and more nice to come!

December 3

MAXINE! She did it again, a holiday party... beat the band.

And speaking of the band, her son brought a whole party setup which was totally fun, As Always!

December 2

Walking home after a haircut I stopped at iHop because I just HAD to have it.

December 1

It's really really old, and the mirror needs hanging, and where will it go? and what else will go on that wall? Baby steps!
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