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'17 Jun: Tasmania
Including a bus tour of the mountains. And it's cold. June 23-July 1.
'17 Jun: Canberra and Melbourne
Canberra June 16-20: The nation's capital, and Relatives!
Melbourne June 20-23: A very fine city.
'17 Jun: Sydney
The bookends to this trip - first and last. Only first is in here now...back on July 29.
'07 Apr: Christchurch-Hokitika
Across the top third of the South Island, east to west...Christchurch-Akaroa-Arthur's Pass-Hokitika
'07 Apr: the Glaciers-Oamaru
(managed almost 2 weeks of the 6 week plan) The Glaciers-Queenstown-Milford Sound-Dunedin-Oamaru

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June 23

Farewell to Melbourne and hello TASMANIA June 23-July 1.

If you want to catch up you can click on this link:
Sydney June 13-16
Canberra June 16-20 and Melbourne June 20-23.

June 24

I'm staying first in Hobart at 'the Montacute, a Boutique Bunkhouse' which are fancy words for a very excellent hostel. I've never stayed in a hostel any cleaner or better organized.

First stop - the Saturday market in Salamanca, a waterfront neighborhood in Hobart.

"The market has an eclectic mix of over 300 stallholders, showcasing the best that Tasmania has to offer. You will find delicious food, artisan jewelry, fine Tasmanian handcrafted timbers, handmade clothing, as well as vintage collectables, pottery, plants and flowers."

I didn't really have the scale of it all until...

I just kept walking and walking!

I enjoyed a bbq sausage sandwich and a very good fresh hot deep-fried ball of dough with apples and sultanas. Yum.

Several places were offering samples of specialty liquor. Here I had a taste of gin made with sheep-milk whey. It tasted like a pretty tasty gin. I didn't find out how they managed that trick.

It went on and on! They say there are more than 300 stalls.

A peek into one of the city parks.

Next I took the ferry...

... to MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art, opened in 2011, funded by David Walsh and housing his collection as well as other objet d'art.

Walking up from the pier you pass by a cut in the sandstone that makes up this part of the land.

There is one floor above ground with the shop, café, tickets, etc. and the rest... underground with this wonderful sandstone retained as the walls.

It's a crazy place and unlike anything I've ever seen or imagined for a museum.

Ramps and stairs cross through the huge spaces so you can look at the works from many angles.

Cocktail lounge entertainment.

The Museum of Everything is 30 rooms of a fascinating curated collection of objects produced by what the curator calls 'outsider art'.

A-may-zing is all I can say. The exhibit opened in the middle of June and will run for one year. You can read this article in The Art Museum for a discussion that expresses a lot of what I was thinking.

A collection of cats (not a painting) for a work called Kittens' Tea and Croquet Party by Walter Potter (1870s).

It's not as grand as many of the pieces but hey it's cats.

If you're at all interested in the But Is It Art question I hope you'll read the article above.

Arriving back in Hobart I thought to take a stroll around and then I got myself lost. It was dark and cold so I thought to stop in a hotel where they always have maps and wifi for their guests.

I opened the door to what I thought was a little run-down mom and pop hotel But Wait! It turned out to be the liveliest place I saw in Hobart. I didn't intend to have any dinner but dinner intended me to have it!
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