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'17 August
Wow, Home Sweet HOME!
'17 June
Here for one week+ and then Bon Voyage.
'17 May
Five weeks home between trips. My house makes me smile.

Links to April's Hawaii adventures:
Kauai and The Big Island.
'17 March
Last month home before my 'Travel Season' kicks in.
'17 February
Hearts and roses.
'17 January
Here I go, rapidly closing in on SEVENTY YEARS OLD. SEVENTY.

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August 18

Oh yes oh yes I so know, Lucky Dog ME! I'm going to Kansas City tomorrow to be in place to experience The Total Eclipse of the Sun.

August 17

Leaving Shoreline Village aboard the recently re-deployed...
...A&C Nepenthe! Welcome home Nepenthe!

We anchored off shore and Carol served up a feast fit for the finest cruise. Yum!

Carol, Alex

After we tootled around with the sails out, which is great good fun, we went back to the marina to enjoy the view and some delightful Happy Hour DOCKTAILS!

August 16

Kaitlin took all these pictures of our day with me, Kaitlin, Lilly, and Lilly's friend Bailey. Too fun!


Bailey and Lilly eating samples all up and down the line.

August 15

Happy Birthday Nancy! We saw a kooky little movie The Trip to Spain and had lunch at Nancy's favorite place. Birthdays are fun!
Steven Celina
August 14

Happy 19th Birthday Gideon! These are Gideon's pictures I got off facebook, pictures he took of his dogs, Bagel and Marley, with his new graduation-gift camera. Good job Gideon! And the Thai food was delicious too.


August 13

I drove up to Santa Barbara for a quick visit with Michi. We walked, we ate, we talked, we went to the museum...we had fun!

August 12

Happy Birthday Muriel and Congratulations on your new home!

JoAnn, David, Muriel

August 11

Christa was over for lunch and a great visit - so nice to have her around! She's going back to Hawaii in a couple of days so luckily for me we found this time to get together.

This is Christa's picture from Lona and Hartley's balcony. AWEsome isn't it?!


August 9

Sister day today and as's an utterly adorable picture of Travis, Lainee, Cali, and Jack. AWW!


August 8

I picked up Lilly at her Fashion Camp where they are sewing clothes and doing shows - right up Lilly's alley! We had a picnic lunch at Wilderness Park and a little exploration walk and then both girls had art class. Summer is busy!

August 7

Had a nice welcome home walk with Sharon this morning and a festive Happy Birthday Becky Monday Night potluck at Maxine's newly and lavishly remodeled home.

August 6

What I was doing today.

August 5

The kids came over today and it was a wonderful Welcome Home. Kaitlin made that Welcome Home portrait and wrote a sweet-as-pie Welcome Home haiku. It's good to be home!

August 4

It's awesome to be home, but oh my goodness, what a delight, what a joy and a pleasure:

Sydney June 11-16 and again July 29-August 3.
Canberra June 16-20 and Melbourne June 20-23.
Tasmania June 23-July 1.
Broome July 1-8.
Darwin+ and The Red Center July 8-18.
Cairns-Port Arthur-Lady Elliot-Brisbane July 18-29.
Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.


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