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'18 Feb: Puebla City, Mexico
Six hours a day five days a week for three weeks: Spanish Class. Yikes is right.
'13 Apr: The Dominican Republic
Mostly Santo Domingo with a swing by Boca Chica during a first visit in a long time to a Caribbean island.
'13 Apr: Cuba - Havana
Big Old American Cars and so much more.
'13 Apr: Cuba - the Countryside
Visiting Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Playa de Guanabo, and Viñales, and dancing salsa with fine Cuban gentlemen.
'13 May: Cuba - whooo Big Old American Cars
Name That Car!
'07 Sep: GUANAJUATO, México
The first week of classes, the Alhóndiga de Granaditas, Pipila, and a SpecTacular 28 Septembre Independence Day Parade.
'07 Sep: a Second Week in Guanajuato
Don't miss Me and Mr Salsa himself, the Cervantino Festival, the Museo de las Momias and the Diego Rivera Museum.
'07 Oct: PÁTZCUARO in Michoacán, México
Dia de La Raza, CELEP, Restaurant Cha Cha Cha, Churches, Plaza Grande and Plaza Chica, more around lovely Pátzcuaro.
'07 Oct: a Second Week in Pátzcuaro
Janitzio, which means 'where it rains', Tzintzuntzan, Santa Fe de La Laguna, Santa Clara, Gringo Gultch, and Ice Cream.
'04 Jan: Baja Coastal and Inland
Last update: Mar 3 2004.
'03 Mar: Yucatan
Leigh and me and the ancient Mayans with a quick stop in Mexico City.

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February 19

My group starting today for a three week program. There are other students who started three or six weeks ago making 21 total students.

This is orientation where the program director passed out these notebooks and we all chose one.

The orientation went on for a couple of hours and then we dispersed to our various classes. I'll take a picture of my class tomorrow, made up of me, the sweet teacher, and a very lovely young woman named Jordan.

After the four hours of class, 9-1, we have a lunch break and then at 2:15 we walk to the Plaza Central and meet with our one-on-one guide for conversation and any activity we want to do together until 4:30.

My guide suggested we go to the Museo Amparo because it's free on Monday. They have a large and respected permanent collection of pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern art.

They also had a large exhibition of the work of Sheila Hicks that was awesome.

The pieces are made of mostly fabric and yarn...

...and I really loved looking at it. This one whispered to me from all the way down the hall...look at me look at meee.

Here she is - hola Sheila Hicks.

What a view from the terrace of the museum.


...and even more. It was a very good day and now I have to do homework. Homework!

February 18

Behind where I'm standing is a big skylight and the windows are doing their job nicely.

It's Sunday, my first actual day and I wanted to walk into the Plaza Central. You can see some power lines in this picture but a block or two further on they've got them all underground.

But first I wanted to go into that building because I could. A woman was opening the gate, I got a peek through, and she let me in... look around.

And then she told me about it In Spanish and I think I understood it all. It was once a hospital and fairly recently turned into apartments. I told her how much I admired the windows and she said yes they looked good but when it was very windy it was not good at all.

When there's a line for food it's good to get in that line.

The cathedral picture is not mine but I love it. That is my hand though.

Turns out it's the first Sunday of Lent and all the churches were full, the organs playing, the singers singing, but best of all was the Cathedral where I happened to arrive just in time for the end of the service.

It was packed in there and the music was splendid. At the end the head priest, dressed in extravagant purple raiment and headdress, was walking through the crowds shaking water on heads or hands. I held out my hands and bam, holy water and a sweet smile.

I behaved myself and didn't take pictures inside as requested, but I'll go back when there isn't a service.


The Plaza was full of fun too. The whole crowd could not have been having more fun.

This guy swings the ball and everyone runs in trying not to get smacked. Kids, teenagers, parents...

...all having the best time.

Another activity...

...and More fun.

What a lovely Old Town. I have to write an essay now for the school placement test. A Test, what's with that?!

February 17

Yesterday there was a big earthquake off the coast of Mexico and both Mexico City and Puebla were on the edge of the shake zone. As far as I know there hasn't been any serious damage or deaths due to the quake itself.


I flew into Mexico City and went immediately to the comfortable, reasonable, and direct bus to Puebla City. It takes about 2 1/2-3 hours.


It was getting to evening when I made it to Puebla so I haven't seen this yet...


...or this either, but soon!


The place where I'm staying is really something to talk about, wow, so many Things, and it's just one woman about my age in a house that has seen generations.

This is the best part so far, I'm on the bed and I have windows and the air is cool and fresh.
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