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'08 December
'Tis the season!
'08 Dec: Kaitlin's School
A Holiday Party for the Kids.
'08 November
Giving Thanks, Palm Springs, Shanghai Red's, the OC, ikebana, the Huntington, family and friends, and Yes We Can.
'08 October
Back from the Twin Cities and Seattle, SMC, beach days, friends and neighbors.
'08 September
More summer fun in the sun, LB Museum of Latin American Art, the Cowboy Palace, Roger's conference, Darryl's band, Ballet Class, Windy's bday, and Kaitlin's bday.
'08 Sep: The Band
Wow, Happy 2nd Anniversary!
'08 August
Carl&Lynn's patio, Bergamot Station, Long Beach Art Museum, Cabrillo Aquarium, Watts Towers, LA Downtown!, Oxnard Air Show, Hollywood Bowl, and a heck of a lot more.
'08 July
Sherman LandG, Vedanta Temple, Hollyhock House, Kaitlin's school, Lang Lang, Hiromi, Mariachi! Point Vicente Lighthouse, and various At The Beach.
'08 June
'In my sixties', Windy's party, Brigitte's party, Kaitlin! what to Watch.
'08 May
Back from Europe.
'08 Apr: to EUROPE
Links to the trip! Dusseldorf, Barcelona, Granada, Morocco, Portugal.
'08 March
Multiple Getty Villa and mulitple walks at the beach, The Grove, dancing, Kaitlin-a-plenty - until the 20th when it's bon voyage.
'08 February
Toddler Ballet, Courtney's Africa, downtown, Mosaic House, BCAM at LACMA, DA&K's new house, Les's bday, Cynthia's bday, Hiking.
'08 Feb: Ken 'N Pen 'R SIXTY
Sixty? SIXTY! Have a look.
'08 January
Los Angeles Art Show, Mom's and Angela's birthday, the whole month Around Town.

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February 16

SIXTY! And now truth needs to be told...I was 60 in June 2007 and Ken was 60 in January 2008 and we just got around to having this party that we have been talking about for a year. Hey, we're SIXTY. What's a few months?

The Program: Electric Slide, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Hustle, the big closer-YMCA, and plenty in between. And all that was pretty good, once it showed up. We also had a really handsome no-host buy-your-own bar.

Extra thanks go out to Bill Roberts and to Darryl, Angela, and Cynthia Kanouse for the photos that follow.

Here we are, Pen 'n Ken, ready to Par-Teee.

Me and my kids. Was it the rapture and already I'm in heaven?

Mel, Cheryl, Ken, Mindy - the family of Bill who took many of these photos. They are indeed as sweet and lovely as they seem.

A couple'a Great dancers - and that would be Linda and Kenny. Linda is my dancing Queen and Kenny is SO Good and SO much fun to dance with. And then there's me and Carl and we are having Excellent fun.

Just goes to show, Excellent fun is available to all dancers!

In the background: Gary, Charlene, Arlene, Terry, Bill, Marija, Sandy.

Ljubica, Brian, Marija. Or rather, Brian, his wife Marija, and his wife's twin Ljubica. Or, in other words, as we like to say, Brian and his harem.

Brian, Lourdes, Linda, Kenny.

Ruth, Maxine.

Merlyn, Hilda, Bill, Mindy, me, Ken, Knut, Brigitte, Darryl, Angela, Roger, Allen, Bonnie, Lynn, Terry, Arlene.

Steve, Celina, Ruth, Ann, Marsha, Maxine, Jeff, Richard, Daniel, Richard, Emilia, Becky, me, Bonnie, Althea, Burt, Sharon, Ken, Lynn, Pam, Lourdes, Maria, Charlene, Elsa.

Oh yea, Let's Dance!

Ken, Elsa, Daniel.

George, Maria, Mel, Richard, Sharon, Kay,

Maryanne, Lourdes.

My grandbaby Kaitlin and her other grandma, Liz.

We're kicked off! Hey everybody! Electric SLIDE!!

Knut, Brigitte, Hana, Tai, Pam, John, Hildy, Sandy, Ann, Carl, Ken, Althea, Brian, Linda, Marija, Ben, Mindy, Kenny, John.

Marsha, Sandy, me, Becky.

Allen got married in that kilt and he wears it to all the really Important parties(!). Allen's Althea, Marsha's Tom, Alicia's Chris.

ALL my friends whispered in my ear...who Are those two? That's Kenny and Linda and they Dance.

Kenny, Linda.

Mindy, Bill. A dad and his daughter. Awww.

Cheryl, Helen, Craig, Linda.

Mel, Helen, Hildy

Hana, me (in the middle of saying who knows what? but everyone else looks Great!), Tai, Knut, Brigitte.

Darryl, Kaitlin, Angela.

Richard, Emilia, Lynn, Ben, Steve, Burt, maybe telling stories about the olden days back in Jr High?

It's my baby sister Windy ('the cute one' is what Ken calls her) and her boyfriend, my potential brother-in-law, Jeff.

Mel, Ken, Maria.

Sharon, Richard and the back of Maria.

Terry, Arlene, Brigitte, Knut, Bill, Jeff, Windy, Richard, Carl, Ben, Lynn, Emilia, Bonnie, Burt, Charlene.

me, Kenny.

Althea, Allan, me, Kenny, Roger, Sandy, Becky, Burt, Charlene.

Merlyn, Hilda. Hilda is a champion middle-eastern dancer and I was really hoping you'd get a chance to enjoy her style but she was Sick. Bummer! Thanks for coming out anyway!!

Kay, Ken, Helen.

Linda teaches SALSA! Gentlemen on the left...

(seated next to Pam, Sandra, behind Sandra, Bob)

...and ladies on the right.

(next to Arlene is Debby, above her is Kay and George, b&w outfit Sharon)

And now...Let's SALSA!

Liz, Gary, Ben, Bonnie, Richard, Maria, Celina, Mel, Steve, Ann, Bill.

Althea, Pam, grovin' to the tunes.

Becky, Ken.

It's fun to watch too.

Celina, Ruth, Becky, Maxine, Bill, Ann, Jeff, Windy, Richard, Emilia.

Whooo, Ann and Bill show us the Argentine Tango. PTsss, Hot.

Charlene, Arlene, Terry.

Pam, John, Ken.

Sandy, Roger, Richard, John, Pam.


Ken's wearing those snappy shoes I gave him on his 50th birthday. Isn't that fun.

Hustle Baby...

...all Four Walls!

Mindy wants to d.a.n.c.e!

Kaitlin Loooved the dance floor, chasing the disco lights and dancing everywhere. Too bad we had to gather her up for safety's sake...but she did have Fun.

Lalalalala Why(not)EMSeeA...

More letters of the alphabet!

Althea, Pam, Lourdes, Marija.

Here we are, SIXTY.

Happy Birthday Ken and Penny, Happy Birthday to uuu.

Sixty? SIXTY! Thanks to everyone for coming and for helping us make A Party!
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