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July 11-12

These two days were mostly driving so I'm going to talk about driving in South Africa now.

SA is a drive-on-the-left country which means the driver sits on the right side of the car which means you operate the stick shift with your left hand. Left handed shifting! But stick shift cars are half the price for twice the power and I don't mind. So far so good. .I just have to get to the airport in the morning without incident and all will be well.

The main roads are basically ok - the toll roads especially. But I spent an enormous amount of time sitting in line-ups, waiting turns during road work when only one lane was available. SO so much road work.

And many of the roads not being worked on are badly torn up with potholes. Then there's all the trucks, which on the two lane roads means constant passing into on-coming traffic. Between the road work, the potholes, and the trucks every journey took much longer than I at first thought it would.

Still, except for this afternoon in Jo'burg which was very tough, the driving has been just fine and really the only way to get around.

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