Merlyn and I went…

July 26

Merlyn and I went in search of the dish we ate in the Dominican Republic and in Cuba that was a part of my most memorable meals. SO good. (I must mention also the goat stews that were AWEsome.)

Mofongo’s mother land is Puerto Rico and I found a Puerto Rican restaurant in North Hollywood that specializes in mofongo. But No! Different! They make it with fried plantains!

The plantains should be boiled as they are in the Dominican (where, I recently learned, the dish is called mangu) and in Cuba. I don’t remember now what they called it in Cuba – the internet thinks it’s fufu. But the plantains need to be boiled!

On the left: Puerto Rico. On the right: Dominican Republic. Below: how I remember it looked and ooow sooo goood.

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