Two things sad-sad about…

July 8

Two things sad-sad about today. 1) the book Blindness by Jose Saramago 2) I missed dinner (my birthday dinner!) with Bill and Ken because I Forgot to change my calendar when we changed the date. I still feel sad-sad about standing up my friends (and missing the dinner!).

I’ve gotten over feeling sad about Blindness but I will say that book is one big fat crushing unrelenting downer. It’s one horrible thing after another, on and on, suffering and misery. Page after page, can it get any worse for the inhabitants of this book? Why, yes it can, and it does.

Also the writing lacks all useful punctuation, doesn’t name the characters, repeats and runs on, making you struggle along, suffering and miserable too because it takes so dang long to get through a page. And do you want to do that to yourself? You can decide.

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