The Monday Nighters, My…

December 13

The Monday Nighters, My Valley Girls! We had a particularly fantastic Christmas Party this year, full of great good cheer and good will all around. Many thanks go out to our Head Chef and gracious hostess Alicia.

We always draw names for a gift exchange and then everyone brings ‘a little something’ for everyone else. It’s a regular Niagara of gifts!

We got: holiday oven mitts and a toast tong, a whole bag of goodies, a cozy shawl, a Santa sock with a candy cane and two movie tickets, a donated cow(!) and homemade peanut brittle, fuzzy slippers, lottery tickets, handmade soap, a big jar of cashews, and protection amulets from the big three. What fun!

me, Alicia, Maxine, Marsha, Maryanne, Becky, Lourdes, Ljubica, Ann, Marija.

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