Month: June 2012

Marija had the Monday…

June 18 part 3 of 3

Marija had the Monday Night Potluck at her place and I got there early enough to play with BEN. F.U.N!

The cousins Sharon and…

June 18 part 2 of 3

The cousins Sharon and Nancy treated me to Tea At The Huntington meaning that you can drink all the lovely tea and eat all the tasty tea sandwiches and all the sweet treats and all the fruit and cheese that you can manage. And I can manage A Lot.

A collection of Photos from The Huntington over the years.

In April the refurbished…

In April the refurbished Japanese Garden opened including the iconic Japanese House which was almost entirely rebuilt as was this bridge but they look just the same, only fresher (and up to modern building code).

Kaitlin’s Kindergarten Culmination. …

June 18 part 1 of 3

Kaitlin’s Kindergarten Culmination. They had six kindergarten classes at Sherman Oaks Elementary and they did a really wonderful program of songs and poems.

They started on time, the kids did their routines with precision and enthusiasm, they kept everything moving by calling the names by classroom and just having the kids stand .. but then ..

(Kaitlin, Josie, Josiah)

.. oh NO?!…

.. oh NO?! What does this MEAN?! Kaitlin and the girl sitting next to her, their names are not called! Their class is finished! Everyone sits down! Oh NO! All the parents who know the two girls start calling out their names.

Kaitlin! Josie! Kaitlin! Josie!

The teacher comes back to the microphone, she is horrified ..

Then each class returned…

Then each class returned to their respective classroom for a chance at a group shot.

Freddie, Madalin, Michael, Aiden, Ms Lavantien, Daniel, Lillian, Dylan, Josiah.
Kaitlin, Josie, Austin, Lor, Tyas, Ella, Hannah, Charlie.
Amanda, Chloe, Marchello, Harry, Zac, Valentino, Brooklyn.

The teacher called up…

The teacher called up each child at which time they got their diploma, said a few words, and got a flower ..

Line ’em up….

Line ’em up.

Cynthia, her mom, her dad, and her brother.
Mike, his mom, his dad, and his brother.


My sisters and I…

June 16

My sisters and I went for a little walk this evening and then they and their respective spice took me out for my birthday. It was just what I had hoped for! a walk and 10,000 calories of dessert.

I must be much…

June 15

I must be much better since I was well enough to go out with Steve, Celina, and Gideon to their local, and scrumptious, sushi joint. We ordered ‘omakase’ otherwise known as ‘bring it ON’ and I ate myself into a fabulously decadent coma.

The place is called ‘King Burger and Sushi’ specializing in Burgers, some Mexican fare, pastrami sandwiches, and shockingly good sushi.

I must be better…

June 14

I must be better because unless some new pictures turn up (which they very well might), finally, I’m done!

CLICK HERE! for The Wedding (or you can click on the link to the left). There are so many new ones I added today, so if you wanted more, there’s MORE.

I’m taking my sickness…

June 13

I’m taking my sickness report out of the wedding section and putting it here because who wants to hear about my allergies and etc along with Wedded Bliss?!

Yes, still not 100%, and Sunday-Monday as well as today my gut has been in a roil. Better tomorrow? BETTER be better tomorrow!

An allergy update:
2012 June first in MN on into LA (and later some intestinal upset)
2011 March in MN; November after W’s wedding
2010 February; June (both mild)
2009 December at home
2007 November during the fires
2006 March just back from Hawaii
2005 April; June; October; (now that was a bad year!)

I’m sick, messing around…

June 10

I’m sick, messing around on the internet and making some travel calls when not sleeping.

Come to find out TripAdvisor has acquired the masterpiece website SeatGuru and the professional 800 numbers for the airlines all consult SeatGuru when you have a question about a particlar plane. I did have that SeatGuru idea first, like before the internet, but then (of course) I didn’t do squat about it.

I had a nice…

June 9

I had a nice outing today with Anya. First we stopped by at her school in Boyle Heights, she Loves her school, and then we went on to Little Tokyo for the origami show and lunch.

Yes to all my…

Yes to all my dear friends who helped me go shopping. Where, you ask, is my gorgeous perfect and totally comfortable brand new never worn Eileen Fisher blouse?!

I forGOT it back at C&M’s house and there was no time for the 90 minute round-trip return journey. I just Happened to have this top in the car. So bummer that I forgot my gorgeous blouse and lucky-dog-me for this ‘at-least-I-didn’t-have-to-wear-a-tee-shirt’ top.



Following are Kent’s table shots. Missing are the tables of Mike’s relatives, his band mates, and his pals from work. Maybe I’ll be able to put them in later from someone else.


A nice LA view…

A nice LA view of downtown from one of the bridges crossing the LA River. It was a lovely clear day.

A Friday with the…

June 8

A Friday with the girls – walking with Lilly while Kaitlin’s at school…

…and walking with Kaitlin…

…and walking with Kaitlin when she gets home.

Lucky-dog me except for the unfortunate fact that I am still not 100% well.

My sister’s new house,…

June 5

My sister’s new house, a mile from my house, getting all painted up and ready for a happy life. Hurray!

Leaving The Ranch Bob…

May 29

Leaving The Ranch Bob and Desda dropped me off at the SF Airport where I spent the night waiting for the morning flight to Minneapolis.

Roger and Sandy met me for dinner and it so great to see them. Thank you for coming out!

On our last morning…

May 28

On our last morning we had the usual breakfast bounty followed by a yoga class then packing up, then lunch and a fond bon voyage.

We did a hair…

We did a hair style and make-up preview today and we’ve got to say, Lookin’ Good!

We had some fun…

May 31

We had some fun this morning throwing ‘spinners’, a part of the cone from the surrounding trees, off the balcony and watching them catch the breeze and spin their way to the ground.

I did a few…

I did a few chores today, a bit of this and that at one point finding myself in the Hmong part of town where I got a Vietnamese sandwich at this place with a nice view of Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

Lona, Hartley, Charis, and…

Lona, Hartley, Charis, and Windy are staying at this handsome B&B in a town on Lake Minnetonka.

They are having a great time and I’m very glad for that until Charis came down with a terrible puking illness and they took her to Urgent Care. She’s ok, probably just a nasty stomach bug.

Merlyn made us a…

Merlyn made us a lunch of fresh and fabulous bbq pizza. Hilda was back-and-forth working but joined us to share the ummm-ummm pizza.

The ones on the left are Merlyn’s two Crown of Thorns plants and my one is on the right. So I asked Ms Wiki about these guys because Merlyn wants another one with the bigger blooms. Turns out there are so many varieties it’s not surprising we have three different kinds here.

Since Kaitlin and Lilly…

Since Kaitlin and Lilly will be leaving this neighborhood in just about a week we went around and took pictures of a few of our favorite spots, more to come.

Mozza! with Celina! …

June 24

Mozza! with Celina! This fellow is a waiter at Celina’s restaurant and he works at Mozza too. It’s a small world out there in the universe of upscale dining.

We sat at the counter and shared dish after dish after dish of deliciou$ness.

And then they brought…

And then they brought us a complimentary dessert but that’s not why this picture is here.

That’s Nancy Silverton in the background. She was working the counter the whole time we were there and it was especially entertaining to share a meal with a certified Celebrity Chef and to watch the symphonic dance that is a busy high end restaurant in action.

Ingalill and Tony’s annual…

June 23

Ingalill and Tony’s annual Midsummer Night BBQ and Eating and Drinking Dart Party Extravaganza.

That’s Tony. Thanks for inviting me. I am here for myself of course and representing Knut and Brigitte in absentia.

My sandwich bag, from…

June 22

My sandwich bag, from Angela, how adorable! We went with tape measures to see the house they are renting in Redondo Beach from July 6th.

WOW, Yes, no more of the 405 for Darryl. His commute will be reduced by two hours per day. That’s a lot of life to get back!

We had lunch at…

We had lunch at Darryl’s work in El Segundo, in the beautifully landscaped patio in the perfect weather that is about guaranteed around these parts.


Yes, driving on the…

June 20

Yes, driving on the 405 is an experience of a rift in the space-time continuum. It takes forever to get nowhere. For me the greater misery is just getting out of Santa Monica any time after 3pm. It takes 30-90 minutes to go the 3 miles to even Reach the 405.

And NOW, for the next YEAR, there is going to be rolling closures of the on and off ramps at Wilshire. I can Not even IMAGINE. For the next year for Santa Monica the rest of LA is going to be in another state.

The Expo Line will open out here about the same time this construction is over and then we’ll be able to go out again.

Welcome Aboard, where the…

Welcome Aboard, where the wedding party gets ready and the staff is preparing for the reception and cruise.

And now I, Mother-Of-The-Bride, hand over the camera to my most excellent Angela.

Granny! Granny! …

June 19

Granny! Granny! BEEEEEEE!!

(btw-Lilly never misses on agapanthus, bougainvillea, roses, and jasmine. Today we practiced pansies. Too Fun!)

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