Day: July 8, 2012

At the Mammoth Hot…

At the Mammoth Hot Springs Visitors Center.

The Visitors Center at National Parks are a must first stop which we did as one must, to get maps and plan the day and then we came again in the late afternoon to tour the displays.

We decided to take…

July 7

We decided to take a stroll around downtown Bozeman before heading out to Yellowstone. This is a charming little pocket park.

Bozeman is basically a college town, also the home of the county government, and busy with sporty tourism and ‘gateway to Yellowstone’ visitors.

The highways and main…

The highways and main roads are lined with shopping plazas and all the big box stores and every chain store, but still they’ve maintained an historic downtown feel in the historic downtown but the place I was most excited about visiting was…

…the American Computer Museum….

…the American Computer Museum. I thought it was going to be in a dusty storefront where some geeky old guys had piled their old computers. Not exactly so.

It’s a profitless private enterprise founded and funded by Barbara and George Keremedjiev “To collect, preserve, interpret, and display the artifacts and history of the information age.”

My hope was realized!…

My hope was realized!

There it is, second from the right, the Compaq Portable 286. It cost thousands of dollars in 1986 when it first came out and when I somehow, I don’t remember how exactly but pleading and foot stomping might have been involved, got my company to buy that thing .. and I hauled it around, all 50 pounds, because I really really wanted to be Portable.

Out of Bozeman we…

Out of Bozeman we drove straight east to Livingston, another cute old western town, population 7,044, and another ‘gateway to Yellowstone’.

According to Ms Wiki: “The city was inhabited for two decades by Calamity Jane and visited by adventurous traveling members of European royalty. Today it is a small art haven, filming location (A River Runs Through It, The Horse Whisperer, Rancho Deluxe, and others), fishing destination, railroad town, and writers’ and actors’ colony.”

A few miles in…

A few miles in from the entrance is Mammoth Hot Springs. That’s the community down there including the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Cabins, where we stayed for the night.

They have all the National Park necessities and they even have gas, also a Visitors Center, many historic buildings (the army was posted here for 30 years in the early 1900s), places to eat, and a huge Gift Shop of course.

It was raining when…

It was raining when we visited here and I haven’t got my pictures off the phone yet. How much information shall I copy from the internet… I haven’t decided!

It’s all about the geology of The Center of The Earth and if you’re particularly interested you can always ask Ms Google. She knows everything.


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