Sharon and I went…

June 3

Sharon and I went walking at the Pepperdine track and it was like walking through a cloud and we came out damp but not dripping. Then we ate happily at The Reel Inn and all was well. We were rather pleased with ourselves for not punking out.

This was on Saturday I think. Today was Monday Potluck and I ate a very healthy serving of so many dishes. YUM. Thanks ladies. Notice the theme of eating tasty food?

Ooow, I’m going to write here.. I’ve developed a serious case of dropsy and I can’t do the dishes at other people’s houses for a while. Twice now, in a row, I’ve broken someone else’s dish/glass/etc. and I feel so bad and sad and mad at myself. Much as I like to tidy up I’m going to have to give dishes a pass.


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