Day: August 9, 2019

The Saint Petersburg Metro,…

August 9

The Saint Petersburg Metro, on every tourist Must See list. I read a lot, looked at tours, and decided to put together a route to a few of the most well regarded ones.

It’s easy-peasy to use with the transition walkways not confusing and good signage just when you need it.

Admiralteyskaya is the second…

Admiralteyskaya is the second deepest underground station in the world. The whole system is very deep. Of the various reasons I read I’m going for a geological explanation because of all the islands and canals in the city.

There’s this escalator and another one too, to make the final descent.

The Mariinsky Theatre, also…

The Mariinsky Theatre, also spelled Maryinsky or Mariyinsky, is a historic theater of opera and ballet opened in 1860. Through most of the Soviet era, it was known as the Kirov Theatre which sounds familiar from the movies.

Then I enjoyed another delicious meal – Beef Stroganoff! It was excellent, and I need to remember the thinly sliced fan of pickle and the thick potatoes just the way I like them.

Grand Choral Synagogue, the…

Grand Choral Synagogue, the only Synagogue in St Petersburg.

From Wikipedia: “Today, the Jewish community in the city is the second largest in Russia, after Moscow. The majority of the Jews there remain secular, but there is also an Orthodox community. While the Jewish population was 107,000 in 1989, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and mass migration of many Jews from Russia to Israel and the United States, the population declined dramatically. As of 2010, the Jewish population was about 40,000.”

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