At the dentist and a nice walk

Wow, right, check out that PPE. I think he made it himself!

Temporary cover on my tooth, impression for a permanent crown on the way to lab. He did have to shoot me up three times to get my tooth numb enough to drill on it. Just a reminder that this is a different problem, not my recently completed implant.

I feel like it was trouble and expense that might have been avoided. I keep chocolate in the freeze so I’ll break off a little square for when a taste of chocolate is just the thing. BUT I forgot that what I had had nuts and caramel in it. So I chomped down hard on the chocolate that turned out to be right in the wrong part of a rock-like frozen nut.

You know how it is, you know instantly, that feels expensive! The view from the dentist’s office to the west, and the mold of my new crown.

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Walking home down Wilshire (seems like all my places are on Wilshire) I noticed another one of those street-with-one-tree. I think they are ficus trees.

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