David’s Birthday

Happy HAPPY Birthday David! The pictures in the collage = David made me a birthday card a few years ago, a picture of David in 2006 around the time I first met him with his harem in tow, the birthday party from 2018, two pictures that include some of his work.

All the below thanks to JoAnn including the photo. I’m so glad for all this identifying information! You know my memory exists only here on this website.

“Madeline Callis, granddaughter…Jaydon Levitt, Maddie’s live in boyfriend…Wendy Callis, daughter in law…Olivia Callis, granddaughter…Gay Block, long term dearest friend and wonderful photographer…Stephen Callis, oldest son and Judith Hopkins, daughter-in-law, living in Thousand Oaks…Muriel

“David and Jo…Deanne Belinoff, long time friend and artist living in Seattle…John Jannetty, David’s long time friend and hairdresser living on an island off Seattle…Tom Kalaris, David’s long time friend he met on the Pier and is now living in Missoula Montana and was an engineer

“Karol Heinecken Mora, David’s long time friend and daughter of Robert Heinecken…Joanne Jaffe and her husband Jon Wexler…Penny, dear dear dear darling friend…Richard Brown and his mate, Patricia

Meriellen Johnson, my beloved niece in Chicago.  Very unflattering photo of her but she was fried having just come home from work…Michael Callis, younger son driving in his car coming home from work, living in Orcutt CA.”

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