Aloha, and Bon Voyage!

Mostly everyone is leaving the Land of Aloha…or maybe they are mostly staying. Lona is coming back to LA in July to attend to business and keep some company with her sisters. Christa has already left for Sacramento to begin her Residency. Caleb might or might not be going back to Oxford, depending, will they or won’t they open, or when will they open. Charis might or might not be going back to Virginia for college too, depending…

Both schools are offering distance learning but Charis is thinking of taking a semester off if she has to stay in Hawaii. Her comment: “I’ve home-schooled all my life, I don’t really want to home-school college too.”

Here they all are, all together at The Beach House, together for the last time for a while and taking advantage of every moment. You’ve got to love all that hair!

Caleb, Beth, Christa, Trevor, Lona, Charis.


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