4 More!

First, lunch, at Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner, and what’s a Road Trip without some Roadside DINOS.

I donated my mask to Dan – Windy has more!



And lastly, in Baker, across from the Thermometer, Windy went over here to take a picture of this car for Jeff and she ended up giving Jim $20 for a tee shirt, the price for being able to sit in the car, which I must confess to having so strongly urged her to do, and now she’s got a 6” by 4” bruise on her arm. But it was worth it (say I…) for the STORY!

The guy really does/did have a land speed record in this car, and he signed the shirt, so $20, what a deal. He was just hanging out in this gas station, remember it was 99 degrees, waiting to tell stories and sell tee shirts because, like he said, with nowhere to go, what else was he going to be doing.

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