Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

On Historic Route 66 we also find Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch. I snagged this picture of Elmer Long from another guy’s website so I’m making it really small… According to his site, californiathroughmylens, Elmer died June 22, 2019. I guess his family is keeping the project going. While we were visiting, we saw no evidence of a caretaker though.

The boy there followed us around for a while telling stories about his bottle collection and posing for pictures. It was fun. The whole family was charming, and congratulations to the graduate, and happy which rubs off, but not so much because they weren’t wearing masks. We were, and we kept our distance.

Dr Pepper: “Drink a bite to eat at 10, 2 and 4.” The friendly picker-upper!

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch, A Delightful Roadside Attraction

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