Driving around

We wanted to see what we could see of Hoover Dam. The answer is not a glimpse. We did get a few views of Lake Mead but all access to the dam was blocked.

On the right is a very nice viewing station and small exhibition, out of sight of the dam, and this graphic on the left is a large medallion on the ground of the platform.

An areal of the Hoover Dam and a small part of Lake Mead from the internet. The tour (that we didn’t get to enjoy) is excellent, the story of how this all came to pass is so interesting. I hope for another chance to participate especially since Windy has never been.


Windy hadn’t been to Vegas in 50+ years (!) and of course she would not be able to recognize one single thing. All these pictures are from the internet because we just drove slowly down the strip to amaze at it all. (internet pix)

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