Ikea Burbank, the biggest Ikea in all of the United States of America. And as we know, America likes its things Big.

There was 100% compliance with masks and distancing, the first time I can report such a response and although it took us 25 minutes to get through the line, once inside the store it was calm and so easy to get around. There were even approachable staff members, stationed behind plexiglass, available for questions although not so much out on the floor.

It was GIGANTIC inside. I think they’ve bulked-up the lettering a little to make it look SO BIG. We shuffled along for hours!

And even without lettering there is no doubt when you are at an Ikea.

This was all about my project to rent the smallest studio furnished to traveling nurses. My neighborhood is in a vortex of medical services which I believe would be a good choice for traveling nurses whose contracts run 3-6 months. I’m hoping this idea will give me more flexibility with using the studio for other purposes and I won’t have to worry so much about a tenant losing their job or just refusing to leave. It happens in trying times and that’s where we are for sure, trying times.

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