Following my own advice

Sharon and I used to walk at least once a week and some weeks, twice. This is our first time at Palisades Park in months. I felt grateful for the opportunity.

I’ve been in an emotional slump since I got back from the Seven Magic Mountains. I need to turn that ship around! I have too many big projects spinning around inside my little head and making it too hard to focus. Make a better list! That’s my solution. Don’t think ‘I need to get that studio ready’ but instead think about doable chunks, put the chunks on a list, and do them one at a time. Same with my garden, my website, my taxes (I know I know), my health, obsessing as I am on every time I clear my throat, and keeping in touch with family and friends.

Not to mention All The Rest of It. Oh Goodness Gracious bless our hearts. When I let myself, I can wallow in bad news with the best of ’em.

Is the beach open or isn’t it. Is the pier open or isn’t it. We get so much conflicting news. Notice the Santa Monica pier off at the top of the picture, and below there it is in a very telephoto picture of the pier from the same spot. Nearly no people to be seen. There was a class of kids learning to surf so I guess summer camp might be on.
Cool on the telephoto.

We had an early lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen because it is convenient, has choices we both enjoy, is open, and it’s having a very Slo-Go approach to seating. Nothing is 100%, for example we did sit inside, but it seems like they were making a good effort to be safe. The kitchen was buzzing even at 11am so that’s good.

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