God Bless America

Because we REALLY need it!

I walked with Sharon in the morning and with Marsha in the evening, eating delicious and classic July 4th food All Day Long. YUM!

And I got to see Hamilton at Marsha and Tom’s! What a perfect entertainment for this most disrupted July 4th.

Two walks, food, 3 hours of good tv, what a luxury .. so what about The Corona?!

I’ve been thinking about Contract Tracing, what kind of contact is risky, and if I had an onset of symptoms tomorrow how many people would I have to contact? I thought being outside, everyone wearing masks, staying apart, would count for something, which it does of course, in ones likelihood to convey or contract the virus, yet current Contact Tracing protocols says you have to list everyone with whom you’ve been within 6′ for 15 minutes, from two days before the onset of symptoms. (I don’t know if you’re asymptomatic.) I feel a little calmer having counted the exact number – 0 or 1, maybe 2, 3 max depending on the day, and I’m going to be more attentive to the 6′ when walking if at all possible to keep that number at 0.

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