yes, I AM superstitious

I am superstitious of using a handicapped placard when no one in the car needs it because I think that’s just asking for trouble, not because it’s illegal, not that kind of trouble, but because it’s bad karma. The universe says “So, you want to use a handicapped placard do you?!”.

I find myself feeling similarly about the current situation with covid tests. From what I understand now, from my doctor, and from the clinic that gives the tests, I’d have to lie (since I have no symptoms, I’ve not hung out with anyone who has tested positive, and my work does not put me in danger) not that I don’t lie, but I like to save my lies, and not tempt fate.

So no covid test for me yet. But if this keeps up I’m thinking that at some point I’m going to decide this might be one of those times that’s going to warrant a lie.


I was doing this exact thing today!


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