5 Seconds

5 seconds to snap this shot of me and Lynn out for a stroll along the Venice Boardwalk and right back to 6 feet apart.

I hadn’t been in the area for months(!) although I used to walk down here all the time. There’s a homeless encampment now that lines the Venice boardwalk from the Venice pier to Ocean Park Ave., half a mile maybe, tent after tent, cardboard structures and tarps, whole living rooms set up. I didn’t take any pictures, you can google it if you want. What will happen next? At the moment I am suffering from a lack of imagination.


Another place I haven’t seen for so long, Santa Monica’s Main Street. The Main Street of my very small town and I haven’t been around for months. The city is letting the restaurants take over a lane of traffic to distance the tables in a hope to keep some of these places in business.

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