I Can’t Sit Down

I had my first appointment with the skin care specialist (a plastic surgeon recommended by my GP).

He says I have to have a debridement (removal of dead skin), the sooner the better, so I’m doing a pre-op tomorrow, Wednesday, including another covid test.  The surgery will be on the 18th at the Saint John’s Surgery Center and takes one hour, four hours total at the Surgery Center with early arrival and post-general-anesthesia wait time. 

Then 3-4 weeks later he wants to do skin grafts which is especially painful and takes especially long to heal.  He was really selling it(?) but his particular expertise is in plastic surgery.

I’ll go ahead and get the debridement done because the wound care nurse says it has to happen as does Windy and even the internet agrees, and then I’ll get a second opinion on the skin grafts just in case there are alternatives.

So I’ll probably keep getting a very little better until Tuesday the 18th when I’ll get worse again for a week, then some better for 3-4 weeks and then Really worse for a couple months after the skin graft. It’s OK though, I’m resigned, one day at a time and eventually it will all be over!