How Am I

Right this second at 9am on Thursday I’m standing at the kitchen counter writing this in relative comfort. Still, I can’t sit down.

The surgeon and the anesthetist said everything went great on Tuesday although both of them made me feel they were talking about themselves, you know the type. Not a whiff of warm and fuzzy between them. I slept well Tuesday night but I think the anesthesia was still in force.

Yesterday was on and off up and down on the comfort scale and getting the wounds redressed for the first time was a real Sting Fest that didn’t subside for many hours. But then I did mostly sleep at night so ok, I wonder what today will bring!

What a TREAT, I keep finding bunches of flowers on my front porch. Thank you my friends! I’m sorry if yours was an early arrival and already had its beautiful life.
And FOOD. So much scrumptious food has come my way I can’t thank you all enough. Family and friends are a treasure and a blessing, but you know that.

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