So Many Treats!

Marsha made Melon Ball Sangria and left me with a whole pitcher as well as a three-pack of those fabulous strawberries from the strawberry patch up in Sylmar. For two days I’ve been eating bowls and bowls of buzz-me fruit salad.


Ken and Susie sent this box of delights that I’ll be enjoying for weeks. So yummy, and baked goods freeze beautifully.
Ann came out!
And brought SO many treats, with treats from Marija too. Oh ladies, So Much!

From Ann’s fig tree Marija made fig jam and Ann brought fresh and dried figs. I love figs!

Ann made chocolate-oatmeal cookie bars (all the Monday Ladies have been DYING for Ann’s desserts, and it’s been Months since we’ve been together) and Marija sent crispy and delightful Napolitanke from back home.

I also got some of Brian’s tomatoes, Slivovica (Marija had to write ‘from the store’ because when the family sends Marija home made Slivovica from Croatia (the BEST) I always get a share in one of those 7 Up bottles), and a cool puzzle from Ann that I will instantly begin the first second I can sit down.

It’s like CHRISTMAS up in here!

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