ichi!Dr Zhivago, October Sky,…


Dr Zhivago, October Sky, Seabiscuit, Primary Colors, Pride and Prejudice (2006), West Side Story, Gosford Park, Godfather 1 and 2 (no, I hate 3), Rudy, Sleeper, Marvin’s Room, All of Me, Romeo and Juliet (1968), Year of Living Dangerously, Gandhi, Reds, Captains Courageous, Old Yeller, Philadelphia Story, Philadelphia, Remember The Titans, Mad Hot Ballroom, The King and I, Field of Dreams, The Big Chill, The English Patient, Private Benjamin, Chicago, Parenthood (Steve Martin), Lawrence of Arabia, Amadeus, Gone With The Wind, Camile, Forest Gump, Shakespeare in Love, Chariots of Fire, Casablanca, Babette’s Feast, Cinema Paradisio, What’s Cooking, Finding Neverland.

Just outside the front…

Just outside the front door of the school, Michi (a school compatriot) and I are preparing for a brief guided tour of the city.

You can see the steeple of The Pink Church at the end of the lane. If I can find that church I can find the school and if I can find the school I can get back to mi casa. There are Literally No Maps with street names except for the major major roads.

There are many streets like this that are pedestrian only and the major roads with motor traffic are all one way.

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