Angela had one of…

Angela had one of those ‘do what you’ve done one thousand times before but this time throw out your back’ episodes on Wednesday. I was SO glad I could be there.

We went to the chiropractor. While Angela was having her treatment one of the things Rome and I talked about was the Dalai Lama (see his picture on the table there). ‘Da-lee-la-ma Da-lee-la-ma’. Then when we got home we looked at pictures of the Dalai Lama on the computer. ‘Da-lee-la-ma’ she would sing out.

It was a lot of fun. But today, the next day, I’ve been feeling weird all day re-realizing how easy it is to teach/warp young minds. Not because recognizing ‘Da-lee-la-ma’ is such a big deal, but because it was so easy to get her to say. Somehow it feels weirder than getting her to say the names of flowers.

Know what I mean?

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