La Jolla has set…

La Jolla has set aside a beach and beach access for the harbor seals that rest there. It is very way cool. You can stand along that break wall and watch them sleep. I watched them sleep for a half hour. Every few minutes one of them would start the excruciating process of inch-worm moving and in 10 minutes would have maneuvered himself down the sand a few feet or up the rocks a bit (although they can swim at 15 miles per hour). It was compelling. Everyone standing there was a-gape and left only reluctantly.

On the beach. I learned this at the Long Beach Acquarium where I visited the following weekend. What we are looking at are Harbor Seals who look like sausages and move like inch worms. Sea Lions are the ones who sit up at the silly shows and balance balls on their noses and bark.

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