The common dining room-meeting…

The common dining room-meeting hall-social center-cocktail lounge is in the distance. I should say the food was truly remarkable. Every single bite was entirely delicious.

I’ve mentioned before how the proposition of Inkaterra is eco-sustainable-tourism, tread lightly on the land, preserve for future generations, support local residents, etc. etc. and they advertise to follow these principles with the food.

All the meals are made from locally grown ingredients. There are no choices. The meals are served family style meaning, basically, mom cooks and you eat it. But since it was all so incredibly good I didn’t hear a single complaint.

A typical dinner: chicken and rice steamed in banana leaf, a coleslaw made of raw beets, a hot dish of corn and onions and sauteed bananas. Fresh ingredients carefully prepared. I was happy every time it was time to eat – maybe partly from all the walking and climbing and sweating, but mostly I think because it was Good.

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