Terry and Alex are…

Terry and Alex are old buddies from the good old days and they both had a great time reminiscing about other old friends and experiences from back when they were young.

Terry, playing us his latest blues composition which was knee slapping fun:

E Loeb Blues by Terry Veal, 2003
Basic 12 bar blues, basic 12 bar repeats

My Baby done left me; You know she left me pretty hard

Came home last Thursday; Found all of my clothes in the yard :: After work on Wednesday; I went looking for a bar

I forgot on Tuesday; She told me, Boy, you’ve gone too far :: I was Drinking Martinis; And I let Wednesday slip away

I wandered in on Thursday; I thought it would be OK :: Oh lordy, lordy; My buddy’s couch is pretty hard

I get the blues so bad; Thinking ‘bout my clothes in that yard.

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