The 761 driver gave…

The 761 driver gave me back my transfer and let me hop off.

I asked the 573 driver if there was a stop at Wilshire and Glendon. ‘Sure’ he said. ‘Wait’ I said. Then a woman sitting in the front row said ‘oh, the stop is marked for the 534, you just need to know the 573 stops with the 534.’ Right.

All that aside, it was one cushy ride! These Commuter Express buses are a wholly different experience and apparently operated separately from MTA since the five MTA drivers I stopped during my search all had no idea about the 573. They’re white, not red like the other express buses, and they only run during rush hours, but, wow, very cush.

With my transfer from Big Blue #2 I made the whole trip for Twenty Five Cents.

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