I won’t get to…

May 15 Beijing

I won’t get to a computer again until the 17th at the earliest since tomorrow the 16th is all day at The Great Wall followed immediately by an overnight train to Pingyao.

This was my last breakfast, dumplings and rice porridge, the same breakfast I’ve eaten every day since I arrived and it was delicious every time. Beijing of course has every type of food and many regional specialties but for me it’s been all about the dumplings. That first day I showed a picture of the woman making dumplings. That’s where I eat lunch. And for dinner, I search out dumplings.

There is a reliable sameness about them and yet each plateful is a singularly satisfying experience. Steamed or boiled, puffy or chewy, spicy or mild, and stuffed with various ground meats, veggies, herbs, lots of tangy garlic and on and on. I’ll bet it’s one of those things I’ll end up dreaming about.

This is not however food eaten according to the newly published Food Pyramid.

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