Meet M. Patrick Foulon…

Meet M. Patrick Foulon (the gentleman in the tie). This man created a day so grand you’d be bored of hearing about it before I was even half done. Here is my thank you note that felt poor beside the richness of the experience:

Dear Monsieur Foulon,

I am home now and want to take this first opportunity to express my most earnest appreciation for your generosity and kindness. Although I enjoyed many wonderful meals during my time in France our lunch together will live in my memory as the most unforgettable. The delicious menu and its complement of perfectly suited wines along with your interesting and delightful commentary made for an entirely perfect afternoon.

Thank you also for the tour of the village, of the vineyards, of the cellars and the extensive and informative wine tasting. There is no doubt that I was treated to the best tour in all of France!

The bottles of wine made it safely to LA. I will carefully choose with whom to share this special gift and I will then take the opportunity to repeat the story of my beautiful day in Saint Emilion.

Fond regards,

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