Along the waterfront in…

Along the waterfront in Gerona. I liked this town in every respect.

The historic sections of all these medieval towns are, rather obviously, unmanageable by car. You park and walk. Even the best hotels usually cannot provide parking.

I won’t tell another how-I-got-a-great-hotel story but in the end, there I was as the streets darkened, schlepping my bags from a parking garage from what felt like the suburbs back into town. And I started getting a strange and uncomfortable feeling. What’s going on here? Ragged and disheveled youth were lounging in door ways while I sensed ominous sounds around every corner.

How unpleasant I thought, so I must be wrong, and took a more careful look. Oh yeah, what was I thinking. Students. Just a bunch of college kids hanging out to avoid studying. All of a sudden I could see clearly that this was a happin’ little college town and I felt completely at home.

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