Every day for a…

Every day for a few hours, this was my view.

As to driving in France and Spain, at least along the Pyrenees, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. The highways are perfect, fast, clean, safe, and the rest stops, particularly in France, are even more perfect. I can’t imagine what it would take to make better rest stops. There are parks for a stroll and play yards for the kids, pristine bathrooms often with showers, decent food in the gas/food/lodging complex, everything.

The streets are also really no problem at all as soon as you learn the one little trick and now I will save you the trouble of having to learn it yourself.

Plan Ahead. You have to study the map very carefully and learn the names of all the little towns leading up to where you want to go and all the bigger towns after where you want to go. The reason is that there is a round-about with five or six or eight roads meeting at every major intersection with the cartoon classic number of signs pointing every which way and as you go around the exact name of your destination will NOT be one of the signs. Take my word for this and study the map.

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