The best meal I…

The best meal I ate I bought at this grocery store in Molokai. All items were locally grown and recently picked. I got a tomato, a papaya, an avocado and some tangerines, all fresh and delicious and I ate them sitting under a palm tree back at camp.

A few words on the subject of food in Hawaii. A typical and much loved meal is called ‘plate lunch’ consisting of a big scoop of rice, a big scoop of mac and a pile of various meats.

Mac is the universal term used to describe a macaroni and mayo ‘salad’, heavy on the richest mayo I ever tasted. Spam is wildly popular as the meat portion of plate lunch. It isn’t a myth. You can in fact get Spam versions of about anything – spam sushi, spam burito, spam foo-young.

Often the spam is smothered in teriyaki sauce as is much of the meat on offer in Hawaii. In general, most food ends up sweet.

I know, really, there are fine restaurants in Hawaii and I did eat in a few but basically…

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