Air Boat Ride or…

Air Boat Ride or Deliverance? You Decide.

So that first afternoon in the Everglades we’re sitting out on a picnic bench eating lunch from a lunch stand talking about how the air boat ride near the park looked like no fun at all and what would we do next.

So then one of these two gnarly guys speaks up while the other races across the busy highway to punch out some kids who are kicking up dirt.

So he says come with me tomorrow. I’ll give you the best air boat ride in the Everglades.

So we say uhhhhh oh well ahhh sure, see you at 9am.

The next morning at 9am they were not to be found and after relentless drama, at 2:30 we were here by the side of the road about to dump the air boat into an inch of water just there, by the side of the road, no nothing for Miles around.

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