Here is the wonderful…

Here is the wonderful story of the candlesticks from Les:

‘My (and Phyllis’s) mutual Aunt Ida told me that the candlesticks had belonged to her grandmother. Because Aunt Ida was born in 1888, that would put them at least into the late 18th century. Phyllis and I know that our grandmother, Sarah Weiner, brought them from Pavlograd, Ukraine to LA in 1906.

They were used for Phyllis’s father Paul’s Bar Mitzvah in 1908, and that of my father, Noe, in 1911. They were also used by our Aunt Ida for my Bar Mitzvah in 1962.’

I’m adding a bit. I heard these candlesticks were the only possession Grandmother Sarah brought from her ancestral home in the Ukraine and they have been handed down to the women in the family ever since.

This is Les, David, Arthur and Phyllis.

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