Fine is Good -…

Fine is Good – from an email of yesterday:

‘I’m on a summer campaign to physical fitness so I can enjoy a fall outing in relative good health. This means that I try at least to notice when I’m eating like a pig. Also I’ve done the Tai Chi Long Form every day (really, every Single day) since summer began. Not a Napoleonic campaign exactly, but something nonetheless.

We are in the dust of an office expansion. At first I was thinking oh this will be a piece of cake, much easier than the last move because then everyone had to move everything over one weekend and That was painful. This time we’ll be setting up new space in orderly and manageable chunks. Well, as it turns out, and as those who have ever remodeled their house will tell you and I simply ignored, being in the midst of things for what will end up being months on end is No Joy. The target date for the last bits is August 8…..

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