Maybe this is how…

Maybe this is how we all feel after Thanksgiving dinner.

We all (M,L,H,D,A,L,me) hauled up our contributions to Palm Springs for a grandly unusual Thanksgiving outing in the desert. For some unfortunate, miserable reason (why? Why?? WHY???) I didn’t take one single decent picture of our lovely dinner and evening. I knew at some point I didn’t have a picture but since we were all going to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway on Friday I figured we’d get something good out of that. But Mom, Lona and Hartley didn’t make it to the Tramway.

Why didn’t they make it? They didn’t make it because they couldn’t get out of the parking lot. They decided that with the two or three hours available between ‘now’ and ‘then’ they would buzz over to the Outlet Mall to do a little shopping. Now there Is a picture – the Outlet Mall mid-morning of the busiest shopping day Of The Year. Mercy!

By the time they arrived at the kick-off point it was so late and anyway it was zero visibility from the tram so they bagged it and headed home. And now I don’t have a picture so how can we be sure it happened?

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