Happy Birthday Cynthia! …

Happy Birthday Cynthia! There I am stepping out trying to get the neighbor-recruited-photographer to just simply snap a picture. It is Not as easy as it sounds!

Here’s a macabre little Mom story:

Mom has been involved in a couple of aging studies for more than 10 years. She did always like to be a player! So last week L&H and Windy took her to her UCLA study where, noting her deterioration, the staff urgently remind the family that Mom has donated her brain to their program, just so there is not any confusion… Then yesterday they take Mom out to another one of the studies, this one sponsored by Helena, and They remind Mom that she has donated her brain to Them.

So she had donated her brain to two different studies and we have to wonder, what else has she done?! What else is out there!? Who else has claims to bring forward??

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