…and one of these….

…and one of these. I particularly loved the box. It didn’t last forever though, and the layers separated. I’m tempted to get another one!

It was time to move on, and it was Raining. Now is the time to tell about my phone and Google Fi. So far, magic! When I landed in Stockholm to change planes the phone said ‘Welcome to Sweden, we’ve got you covered’ and everything worked, and then landing in St Petersburg the phone said ‘Welcome to Russia, we’ve got you covered’ and again everything worked.

Yandex, a huge taxi service in Russia that bought out Uber so you just have to download their app and BOOM, a driver appeared in the rain to take me to the Hermitage. It was easy-peasy and not expensive. YAY!

Making phone calls works just fine too on cell service BUT long chatting or waiting calls I wouldn’t be comfortable at 20 cents a minute. For such calls you’ll need the internet and a tweak to the phone which I can explain if anyone is interested.

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