A Few Days Of This And That

Olivia is growing a plant as food for the Monarch butterflies, and here’s one making itself at home. He’s a hungry hungry caterpillar! Olivia and our new tenant Candice enjoyed a lovely get-acquainted Happy Hour in the yard.

From Marija, Christopher was in town but we didn’t get a chance to meet-up. Next Time!

Ann is in Hawaii, in Oahu, not Maui, to lend a hand with her grandkids. This is Noah’s two, and Josh has three living in Washington, so Ann’s on the road often.

Big Story from the Browns – Lona, Trevor, Beth, and Christa are in Switzerland now for several weeks after which they will be in Bali for several weeks. Yes, first Switzerland and then directly to Bali. There’s a reason, friends, and I’m so happy for them!

With all this travel, including Becky who is in Scotland now, we were down to three participants for Monday lunch, and it was delicious.

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