A Nice Surprise

I wasn’t expecting these guys to peek into the front windows. It’s very sweet. They are called Rose Mutabilis or the Butterfly Rose. The flowers last for about a day but there are a lot of them, the result of which is a nice bloom and a ton of deadheads. It’s ok, deadheads are on my list for today. The gardener is working out so well I don’t mind doing a little too.

Remember Michi’s garden? She kept this amazing book where she wrote every time she removed a plant and every plant she put in. It was a long and historic document, and beautifully hand written. I’m trying to make a book too. Being me I’m getting all the info from the internet and including pictures in my book. Also being me of course now I’m thinking of redoing it because I’d like the new things to be ‘on top’. No! It’s fine! Stop!

Michi is full-time in Mexico now so she dismantled her Santa Barbara garden, passing along most of the plants and decor items. Here’s what I got from her garden. It’s on the other side of the front door from the picture above. When I get a better image I’ll replace this one!

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