Photo Day With Ingalill

Lill’s backpack is very exciting – LA 2028!

We went on a DTLA Street Art tour and then a little walk-about on the 5th Street Bridge. We weren’t raving about the tour but were very glad to have done it. And the bridge was a Sunday bikers’ extravaganza.

Our guide was a street artist himself from the olden days and particularly told us about..

..the area near this DTLA Art Park where they had installed canvas on the fences surrounding the ‘park’.

Casting our eye away from the canvases we get some real walls which I like.

When looking at street art one must look down as well as up.

A few more street scenes.


And now a few blocks away we find the 5th Street Bridge and the 6th Street Aqueduct. We decided to park and take a stroll. That’s Ingalill, and we’re impressed.

You don’t see a lot of cars because it’s Sunday and mostly because…

..the bikers have blocked one entire end of the bridge and the surrounding streets for a mile. Bikers have been a presence on this bridge since it opened less than a year ago. Here’s a link to a NY Times article with better pictures and good stories about the first few weeks of the bridge’s opening: the Fifth Street Bridge and the Sixth Street Aqueduct.

And they’re off. We left before they were even finished crossing the bridge and doing their crazy wheelies and screaming turns.

Some side-of-the-bridge tagging that took hanging off of ropes I’d guess and below, cell towers in LA.

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