A Piece of LACMA Is Open

Oh Goodie! Jo Ann and I had a totally delightful afternoon. The cover photo is from our seats at Ray and Starks where, after absorbing so much tasty art we enjoyed a tasty beverage and shared a cheese board.

Jo Ann was taking pictures for her niece who loves Yoshitomo Nara.

I asked the mom if I could have this picture too, the girl was so into getting her expression just right.


I’m going to ask a friend to translate the above since I’m beyond curious. The exhibits were limited to the two open buildings, the Resnick Pavilion and BCAM-the Broad Contemporary Art Museum. The curators must have had a blast building all these juxtapositions that Jo Ann and I both thought were especially cool.

There’s a lot of fuss going on about the exhibits not unexpectedly because most of the collection is packed up waiting for the new buildings. I say go, even if you find only one thing you like it will have been worth it.

Below is not a picture of a picture but an actual corridor with blue light and blank white canvases.

You can look on the website for the various exhibits, but the one below, NOT I: Throwing Voices (1500 BCE–2020 CE)

I’ll tell ya, it’s a quirky thing.

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