A Sleepover And A Surprise

Alex and Carol are getting ready for some extended commitments and travel so I got to sleep over on the boat for a nice visit before it all kicked in. This picture is from October 2022 because I didn’t get anything from today.

But Surprise! Cynthia got a last minute appointment (as they all are last minute) at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego to do paperwork for a temporary resident visa and we met up in Dana Point for dinner! Wow, right! She was heading back the next day so lucky me that the magic of a meet-up worked and thanks to A&C for being so flexible.

Although the idea was we’d celebrate Cynthia’s birthday with a sushi feast I was the one who got a present. I fell hard for an artist from San Cristóbal, Kiki Suarez, and Cynthia brought me a wonderful selection of her work. You can find her things here at Kiki Mundo.

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