A Tour Of The Monuments

And a couple MUSEUMS. And btw, It was so hot. H.O.T. hot.

The view from the roof garden of our hotel..

..notice the roof over the atrium and the columns of the National Portrait Gallery..

..and notice the columns of a few buildings around our neighborhood..

..and the roof garden itself where it was too hot to even consider sitting down for a second.


Our plan for the day was to visit the Natural History Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum, and then take the Monuments at Night tour.

From the Natural History Museum, this giant piece of quartz.

And the Hope Diamond drew a crowd.

Below is my only picture from the Hirshhorn. This was a huge floor to ceiling triptych that I loved. I went back to this gallery to look at it again. Why, I asked myself. Why do I like this one so well and others not. I still don’t know.


We picked up some sandwiches for dinner and ate here at this park before catching the bus for our Monuments at Night tour. Notice those swings hanging in front of a fixed table. We saw this exact structure in front of a few restaurants too.

First drive-by on the tour, you can see the raindrops on the window.

Our last stop was at the Korean War Memorial. We got into the scene and the Sky Opened. It was as if someone on a ladder dumped a bucket of water on your head. And then he followed you around dumping bucket after bucket. We made a dash for the bus and that was it for our tour.

Windy got this shot moments before the Big Dump. It looks like Life Magazine.

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