A Vacation in 24 Hours

Here’s the full itinerary of A Vacation in 24 Hours and pictures follow:

Drive down to Alex and Carol’s;
do some car shifting and then have a huge and delicious lunch;
pick up Nepenthe for a sail from A&C’s marina in downtown Long Beach to Tim and Kevin’s marina in Naples;
Happy Hour aboard Nepenthe;
go to T&K’s to enjoy a feast and the Christmas Boat Parade;
sweet dreams snuggled in aboard Nepenthe;
back to A&C’s Yacht Club for brunch;
a visit to MOLAA (the Museum of Latin American Art);
Home Sweet Home for a two hour nap!

The one hour sail (although we motored due to lack of wind) from around the Queen Mary to the Naples marina.
I was expecting many more container ships but they seem to be clearing out much more quickly than in prior months.
This tour boat was moored for weeks closer to shore A&C said before the latest storm took it out and in subsequent days it somehow ‘got moved’ so we went for a little detour looking for it.
The Naples marina where we tied up at a guest spot at the end of one of the docks. Check out the snow on the mountains.
Over at Tim and Kevin’s, from one of their balconies looking toward their boat and into the channel.
Tim and Kevin have been together for 17+ years but just got married in September 2020. This wedding photo of them is priceless, flat out of a movie, and the inset is their cake topper.
Joy to the World!
The stair well and one of the many windows featuring etched glass.
Getting on to dark with a gorgeous moon rise.

Here come a few pictures of the boat parade.

Debbie, Alex, Merlyn, Carol, Mo, Hilda, Etched Glass
Kevin in the blue jacket.
Kevin and Hilda. For some reason Tim hasn’t made it into these pictures?!
Back to A&C’s marina for brunch at the yacht club.

After brunch we drove over to the Museum of Latin American Art to check out a big Judy Baca exhibition.


Judy Baca’s main claim to fame is The Great Wall of Los Angeles. It’s a mile-long mural located along the west wall of the Tujunga Wash flood control channel near Coldwater Canyon Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley. For this exhibit they scanned the whole wall and you could sit in the center of the room and watch it all slide by. It was very impressive!

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