A Visit To The Hammer

Alex and Carol come up from Long Beach for a quick catch-up, some tasty food, and a visit to the newly reopened Hammer Museum.

All that changed was a remodel in the lobby and they incorporated the bank next door into the museum.

In the old bank building.

I want to copy in a long section from the card on the wall for this Rembrandt work below called Painting of a Man with a Black Hat. I wouldn’t have thought of this explanation but I like it.

Simon Schama: “While he went out of his way to make the sumptuous details of the costume exquisitely tangible, Rembrandt must also have appreciated that he was still required to pay attention to an overall impression of modesty and self-control. Hence the hat. Grasped by both hands, it makes the sitter appear caught on the verge between his private and public self (as if either about to make an exit or having just made an entrance), and its simplicity is in appealing, almost homely contrast to the heroic glamour of his coat.”

Part of a very interesting collection from China.

Time for a haircut? Ya think?!


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