After Days and Letterkenny

I finally got the kitchen mostly cleaned up. Ha! The rug is reflected in the oven door. I’m one person and an occasional guest, so why is the kitchen always in need of a tidy-up? I’ve been on a bit of a cooking binge. It will pass soon I’m sure but for the time I’ve got tasty dishes packed up in the freezer.

A ‘funny’ thing happened. I got a delivery from Whole Foods and the picker seemed to have choices of his own. I wanted whole carrots and he brought baby carrots. OK, at least they’re in the carrot family. I wanted chicken thighs and he brought pork chops. Now that’s a leap, especially since so many people don’t eat pork. No problem though, I took it as a challenge and cooked some super-delicious pork chops.

Here’s a totally unrelated matter. Letterkenny. Why is this show so great? Kooky Canadians. Oh man, LOL.

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